CASI Agendas & Minutes

Next CASI Board meeting - Friday, Sept. 18, 2015 at noon.


Minutes - CASI Board Meeting - August 11, 2015 - pending approval


Minutes - CASI Board Meeting - May 12, 2015

Present:  Vicky Coulter, Eric Giefer, Bethany Pluymers, Stacy Taeuber, Ursula Weigold, Cheryl Weston

1. Minutes from February 20, 2015 approved.

2. CASI Outreach - Ursula sent an e-mail about CASI to all academic staff on March 20, 2015, reminding staff members about CASI's mission and website resources, as well as encouraging contact with, or questions for, CASI's board members.

3. CASI Board Elections - Because several members are completing their third year of CASI board service and will leave the board, we must hold an an election for new members to begin September 1, 2015. According to the bylaws, the full board should consist of four clinicians and five academic staff members from other departments or programs. We interpreted the bylaws to mean that clinicians should vote only for nominees for the clinician spots, and non-clinicians should vote only for nominees for the non-clinicians spots.

We received eight nominations for the four open non-clinician spots. We received no nominations for the two open clinician spots, despite extending the deadline for nominations for an extra week.

We considered a number of questions related to the election.  First, because adjunct professors are not academic staff, they are not eligible for CASI and will not be listed on our roll.  

Second, because two candidates for the board hold limited-term appointments, we considered whether persons in that employment category (with or without academic staff back-up appointments) were eligible to run for a seat on the CASI board.  Each university CASI may decide this for itself, and the board voted to allow persons holding limited-term appointments to participate in shared governance through the Law School's CASI.     

We discussed the mechanics of CASI's online election process, and Eric Giefer graciously volunteered to set up the online voting website and counting process.  He also prepared a list of eligible CASI voters for access to the online ballot.  The board agreed that the four candidates with the most votes would win the non-clinician seats, regardless of the number of votes cast.  We also discussed possible ways to break a tie vote.

We agreed to allow one week for voting.  Ursula will collect personal statements from all the candidates for the ballot, send out the ballot and link to the voting website to eligible voters, and send another reminder before the voting deadline. 


April 2015 CASI Board Meeting CANCELLED - scheduling problems


Minutes - CASI Board Meeting - February 20, 2015

Present:  Vicky Coulter, Eric Giefer, Karen Koethe, Bethany Pluymers, Leslie Shear, Stacy Taeuber, Cheryl Weston, and Ursula Weigold.

1. Announcements & Updates

Website – The website Karen set up for CASI contains great information about CASI and useful for academic staff, but it’s probably time for a reminder e-mail to make sure that staff are aware of the webpages.  Ursula will e-mail information about CASI and our upcoming election to the Academic Staff.

Election eligibility – CASI in the past had issues maintaining a roll of Academic Staff eligible to vote in CASI elections because of uncertainty about whether adjunct professors were Academic Staff.  The Law School employs many adjunct professors, sometimes for a very short period.  Bethany noted that the Law School does not consider adjunct professors Academic Staff.  Additionally, Heather Daniels, the Secretary of the Academic Staff, has stated that individual schools at the university could decide themselves whether they wanted to allow adjuncts to participate in the school’s CASI. 

2. Budget Update 

        Dean Margaret Raymond attended the meeting and gave the CASI board an update on the possible impact to the Law School of the governor’s proposed $300 million budget cut to the university.  She stressed there was still much uncertainty because the legislature would not approve the actual budget for several months.  The Law School’s 2-4-6-percent budget exercise last fall helped to identify some possible ways the Law School might comply with whatever cuts the university orders.

3. Bylaws  

Although the dean appointed members during one transition year, Vicky noted that CASI’s original bylaws provide for elections, rather than appointed board members, so the bylaws don’t appear to need amending. 

4. Election  

Ursula, Cheryl, and Leslie volunteered to make arrangements for the election of new board members.  Eric Giefer, who was invited to attend board meetings as a member of the Academic Staff Assembly, noted that he could set up an online election platform for CASI’s election.  After a call for nominations goes out and an election ballot is prepared, the online link simply needs to be included in the e-mailed ballot.  Eric agreed to talk more about this at the next meeting.

5. Events 

(a) Karen and the Tech department volunteered to sponsor “Bagels Around the Building” this semester; (b) Bethany agreed to give an update on HR Design at the next meeting, including information about proposed performance reviews and report templates.


Minutes - CASI meeting July 25, 2014 – 10-11:30 a.m.

Room 3380A (in the library)

Present: Dean Raymond, Virginia Meier, Ursula Weigold, Bethany Pluymers, Karen Koethe, Leslie Shear, Scott Minter, Stacy Taeuber, Cheryl Weston, Vicky Coulter (recorder and chair)

Absent: Kempinen

1.  Minutes from Jan. 24, 2014, approved

2. Committee reports:

                Website, Communication & Outreach (Karen) – Karen investigated the possibility of bringing in someone from OHR for a class or workshop for supervisor training.  There are several possible topics of discussion.  She’ll investigate further and will post links to OHR’s training page on the Law School’s CASI webpage.

                Recognition and Retention (Ursula) – Ursula will work on setting up bagels in the building for the fall semester.  Some possible locations include EJI and External Affairs.

                She is also looking into other sources of recognition.  Margaret mentioned that there are many award opportunities and application to them is usually at the same time each year.  Ursula will compile a list of awards and links on how to apply to be added to the CASI web page.  Margaret encouraged people to re-apply if they do not get the award as her experience has been that applying multiple times increases your chances of winning.

                Personnel, Policies and Procedures (Bethany)-

                HR Design - the new HR Design was approved and will be effective July 1, 2015.  Some changes include changing the designation of classified staff to university staff.  We will be completely separate from the Office of State Employee Relations (OSER), giving us more flexibility to recruit and compensate.

                Annual Reviews- The method of ranking people in annual reviews on a number system does not seem ideal.  Bethany is looking at a more definitive “meets expectations” and “does not meet expectations”.  Any method is not without its problems but she continues to strive to improve the form and welcomes input.  One suggestion is if “expectations” is used in evaluation, then a definition of expectations would be helpful.


3.  Old business

                Rotation of members – last meeting for Scott, Virginia and Vicky

                Academic Staff Benefits Retirement Workshop, Nov. 14, 2014 (Vicky and Virginia) – Vicky is contacting HR to see if a similar workshop is available for Classified staff.


4.  New Business

                Peer buddies (Bethany)                - new employees are given building tours and a “buddy” who is at a similar spot in their career to be able to lean on as a mentor in their first year. 

                Memberships (Vicky/Bethany)

                1% raises (Bethany) – everyone without a major position change would have received a 1% pay raise effective July 1.

Next meeting: Sept. 26, 2014 at 10am


Minutes | CASI meeting Jan. 24, 2014 | 10 - 11:30 a.m.

Present: Meier, Weigold, Pluymers, Koethe, Shear, Coulter (recorder and chair)

Absent: Kempinen, Minter, Taeuber, Weston, Moritz

  1. Minutes from Nov. 6, 2013 approved.

  2. Committee reports

    Website, Communication & Outreach (Karen) – Karen has made CASI a searchable link off the Faculty and Staff Resources page.

    Recognition and Retention (Ursula) – Leslie has offered to host the next bagels in the building (possibly the 4th floor hallway). Ursula and the subcommittee will arrange a date and the bagels.

    Personnel, Policies and Procedures (Bethany) –
    • Subcommittee – Bethany has agreed to serve as ex-officio reporter for this subcommittee. Leslie will continue to chair the subcommittee.
    • Promotions – For the purposes of promotions, there are 2 academic staff groups in the law school. The first are non-clinical academic staff: HR notifies the supervisor when a staff member is eligible for promotion.The second are clinical academic staff. HR also notifies the supervisor when they are eligible for promotion but additional paperwork needs to be filed for that process by October 1.In both cases, supervisors work with our HR dept. to process necessary paperwork for the promotion. Leslie suggested a template be created so eligible clinical academic staff know what steps are needed to achieve promotion.The Personnel, Policies and Procedures subcommittee will work with Bethany to develop the template.
    • Remington Center Director PVL – discussions are being held regarding this. Posting (Clinical Professor) should be by Feb. 1.CCF – Recommendations were made and those approved are in the process of being notified and entered into the system.

    HR Design
    (Bethany) – there is still hope that it will be approved in 2015.  If it’s not approved then, it’s likely never to be.

  3. Old Business

    Rotation of members -Vicky will stay on one more year as chair. Leslie will be a 3rd year member and so will be done after this year.

    Results of survey of academic staff for CASI discussion suggestions (Vicky).  Results available on request. 

  4. New Business
Survey of academic staff for ideas - some ideas suggested from my survey and previously were:
  • Security for computers and data – Nick from DoIt came and gave a presentation on phishing and how to protect yourself from viruses. He will do an 8 minute presentation at a later faculty meeting.
  • Conversion to MS 365 – Gief has been sending email updates.
  • Annual reviews – a template has been distributed to supervisors from HR.  Bethany recommends supervisors use that form (or another one if that works better). Whatever is used needs to be consistent throughout the dept.
  • New employee handbook-(VC working with Justin on this).
Strategic planning ideas that CASI might consider:
  • Start a faculty movie or book club. The library has many law related DVDs available at the Circ desk.  Suggestion was made to have a Friday afternoon movie shown.
  • Virtual tour of people in the building and what they do – this was deemed to be very expensive to produce.
  • Standardize employee orientation for all – Vicky working on this.
  • Bring Supervisor Training to UW Law School – Personnel, Policies and Procedures subcommittee will pursue this.  Possible topics of discussion: the promotion process, performance reviews, professional development, both on and off campus, campus resource sharing and best supervising practices (i.e. 10 things all supervisors should do or 20 things great bosses know or practices for effective management).
  • More popcorn machines. Lubar?
  • New employee coffee or lunch program – CASI members could take turns taking new employees for coffee or to lunch with a group of co-workers. Bethany and Justin will notify CASI of new academic staff hires in order to do so.
  • Appreciation day for different groups
  • Pot luck club
  • Improve the Sidebar – limited by space constrictions.
  • Tea at 3
  • Law school scavenger hunt with each team playing for charity.

Minutes for
CASI Meeting November 6, 2013 

Virginia Meier, Bethany Pluymers, Ursula Weigold, Deb Moritz, Scott Minter, Leslie Shear, Vicky Coulter (note taker)

  1. Approval of the Minutes from the March 22, 2013 Meeting
    Approved: Unanimous voice vote
  2. New Academic Staff Assembly rep
    Deb Moritz has been on the Academic Staff Assembly and comes to CASI meetings to report.  We will need a new ASA rep as of next September.  It’s preferable if someone on CASI would also be the ASA rep and a request has gone out to gauge interest.  If no one is interested, a request will go out to the rest of the academic staff.  ASA meets the 2nd Monday of the month from 3:30 to 4:30.
  3. Subcommittees
    New subcommittees were formed from the new CASI membership.  Those absent were assigned to a subcommittee.  The subcommittees are:
    • Bylaws
      Vicky Coulter
    • Website, Communications and Outreach
      Karen Koethe (Chair), Scott Minter, Leslie Shear, Ursula Weigold
    • HR Design Project
      Bethany Pluymers (Chair), Vicky Coulter, Virginia Meier
    • Recognition and Retention
      Ursula Weigold (Chair), Deb Moritz, Ben Kempinen
    • Personnel, Policies and Procedures
      Leslie Shear (Chair), Stacy Taeuber, Cheryl Weston, Vicky Coulter
  4. Rotation of members
    Tenure was decided as follows for the 3 year CASI term.  Those in their 3rd year would be the next to be replaced.
    3rd year: Vicky Coulter, Virginia Meier, Scott Minter
    2nd year: Karen Koethe, Leslie Shear, Ursula Weigold
    1st year: Ben Kempinen, Stacy Taeuber, Cheryl Weston
  5. Amend By-laws: Appointment
    CASI members will be appointed by the law school each fall.  The law school will replace members based on the 3 year CASI tenure.
  6. Survey of academic staff for concerns/topics of interest
    Vicky will send an email to the CASI.list (after she gets it updated) inviting academic staff to submit topics they would like CASI to discuss.
  7. Critical Compensation Fund
    Monies are available again this year for a similar Critical Compensation Fund process as was done last year.  Guidelines have not been sent out yet but are forthcoming.
  8. Performance evaluations
    Bethany asked for input on a Performance Review she and Justin developed.  Suggestions were made for her to take back to her people.
  9. Upcoming events
    Bethany encouraged people to attend one of several HR Design updates coming up in November. (Nov.13, 19 and 21)
    Bethany encouraged people to attend the Dean’s summit on Nov. 8, 2013.

Minutes for
CASI Meeting March 22, 2013 

Sarah Davis, Aviva Kaiser, Karen Koethe, Virginia Meier, Mitch, Bethany Pluymers, Ursula Weigold
Vicky Coulter, Scott Minter, Margaret Raymond, Leslie Shear

  1. Approval of the Minutes from the November 20, 2012 Meeting
    Moved: Virginia Meier
    Seconded: Mitch
    Approved: Unanimous voice vote 
  2. Bagels Around the Building Series
    Mitch and Sarah will plan the next event. Ursula has graciously offered to host it. 
  3. Overview of the HR Design Project
    Bethany reported that the plan (skeletal structure) was approved and that on July 1, all classified staff will become university staff.
     Exempt university staff will have the option to become academic staff.
     New title series will be developed. Recruitment and selection criteria will be developed.
  4. “Onboarding and Mentorship Program”
    Mitch asked if the “onboarding and mentorship program” has been developed. Justin filled in for Lee while she was on maternity leave, and is now starting to work on the program. Bethany, Karen, and the Recognition and Retention Subcommittee will meet to work on the program.
  5. Performance Evaluation Tool
    Evaluation/review forms used by the library, legal research and writing, and Bethany (in a past life) were distributed.
    We will discuss performance evaluation tools during our next meeting.
  6. Community Training on the Many Aspects of Hiring
    Bethany has asked us to send her suggestions for topics that should be included in community training such as writing job descriptions, screening, and keeping files.
  7. Amend By-laws: Election
    The Committee decided that it would “stay” the election for one year to get some of the projects “off the ground.”
     Section 2 Membership of the bylaws would be amended to read:
    2. Terms: .... To initiate the process, terms of board members that begin in September 2012 2013 will expire at one, two and three-year intervals. ….

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