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Alta Charo's chapter, "Speed vs. Safety in Drug Development," was published in the book, "FDA in the Twenty-First Century" (Lynch and Cohen, eds.), in September.

Rachel Grob co-authored (with Mark Schlesinger, Dale Shaller, Steven Martino, Andrew Parker, Melissa Finucane, Jennifer Cerully and Lise Rybowski) “Taking Patients’ Narratives about Clinicians from Anecdote to Science,” which appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in August.

Shubha Ghosh's chapter in the recently published book, "Diversity in Intellectual Property," was mentioned in a book review published in The Hindu, a national newspaper in India: "Shubha Ghosh raises a very esoteric, if important, issue on genetic research undertaken on a small group with Jewish ancestry. A U.S. company — Myriad Genetics — obtained a patent based on such research. While such research on ethnically, racially, or culturally different groups of people may be useful, Ghosh questions the validity of patents granted for the genetic tests conducted on them."

Alta Charo's article, "Fetal Tissue Fallout," appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in August. In examining the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue research from an ethical standpoint, Charo argues that a ban on the research would represent "a betrayal of the people whose lives could be saved ... and a violation of that most fundamental duty of medicine and health policy, the duty of care."

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