The Robert W. Kastenmeier Lecture

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Robert W. Kastenmeier

Robert W. Kastenmeier

This lecture is supported by the fund established to honor Robert W. Kastenmeier, an outstanding graduate of University of Wisconsin Law School, who served with great distinction in the United States Congress from 1958–1990. During his tenure, Congressman Kastenmeier made special contributions to the improvement of the judiciary and to the field of intellectual property law. He drafted the rules for the House Committee on the Judiciary that were used for the impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon, as well as the articles of impeachment against Judge Harry Claiborne. In 1985, Congressman Kastenmeier received the Warren E. Burger Award, presented by the Institute for Court Management, and the Service Award of the National Center for State Courts.  In 1988, American Judicature Society honored him with its Justice Award for his contributions to improving the administration of justice. 

The Kastenmeier Fund was created to recognize these contributions by fostering important legal scholarship in the fields of intellectual property, corrections, administration of justice, and civil liberties. It is a fitting tribute to the leadership of Robert W. Kastenmeier in these areas.

Planning Committee: Peter Carstensen, Frank Tuerkheimer, Anuj Desai

2014 Kastenmeier Lecture

Bryan A. Stevenson
Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative

“Just Mercy: Confronting Mass Incarceration 
and Excessive Punishment in America”

4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 31, 2014

Gordon Dining and Event Center
770 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI

RSVP by October 27, 2014, at
or 608-890-0140


Bryan Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. Mr. Stevenson is a widely acclaimed public interest lawyer who has dedicated his career to helping the poor, the incarcerated, and the condemned. Under his leadership, EJI has won major legal challenges eliminating excessive and unfair sentencing, exonerating innocent death row prisoners, confronting abuse of the incarcerated and the mentally ill, and aiding children prosecuted as adults. Mr. Stevenson has successfully argued several cases before the United States Supreme Court. Recently, he won a historic ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court holding that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for all children 17 or younger are unconstitutional. EJI has also initiated major new anti-poverty and anti-discrimination efforts. Mr. Stevenson has won numerous awards for his work fighting poverty and challenging racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, including the ABA Wisdom Public Service Award, the MacArthur Fellowship Prize, the Olaf Palme Prize, the ACLU Medal of Liberty, the National Public Interest Lawyer of the Year Award, the NAACP Ming Award for Advocacy, the Gruber Prize for Justice, and the Ford Foundation Visionaries Award. A graduate of the Harvard Law School and the Harvard School of Government, he has been awarded 15 honorary doctorate degrees and is a professor of law at New York University School of Law. His forthcoming book, Just Mercy, is scheduled to be released by Random House in October 2014.

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Audio & Video of Previous Events

Kastenmeier Lecture 2007

Kastenmeier Lecture 2007

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Kastenmeier Lecture 2006 from 11/3/06.

Kastenmeier Lecture 2006

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Kastenmeier Lecture 2005

Kastenmeier Lecture 2005

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