Labor and Employment Law Concentration

I.  Introductory Course. Students are required to take one introductory course on labor and employment law, which is taught once a year in the fall semester.

• Labor Relations I (Law 745)

II. Basic Courses. Students must take a minimum of 12 credits in this category.

At least 2 courses must be selected from among the following options:

• Labor Relations II (Law 745) --focuses on union organizing and collective bargaining in the private sector.
• Public Sector Labor Law (Law 955) (3 credits) --focuses on union organizing and collective bargaining in the public sector.
• Equal Employment Law (Law 765) --focuses on a variety of statutes prohibiting employment discrimination.
• Protective Labor Laws (Law 747) (3 credits) --focuses on statutory protections, including wage and hour law, workers compensation, safety and health, and employee benefit protection.
• Clinical Program: Labor Law Externship (Law 854) (3-6 credits) --clinical externship offered at the Department of Labor (Chicago); the EEOC (Milwaukee); the Employment Section of the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office (Madison); the Equal Rights Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (Madison and Milwaukee); or the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (Madison). 

Students may select their remaining courses from this list:

• Administrative Law
• Arbitration Seminar
• Civil Procedure II*
• Clinical Program: Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC)
• Collective Bargaining seminar
• Consumer Health Advocacy & Patient Centered Care Clinical (768)
• Employee Benefits
• Employment Law Counseling
• European Union Law*
• Health Law
• Human Trafficking
• Immigration Law*
• Insurance Law*
• International Labor Standards
• Labor Arbitration
• Mock Labor Arbitration Competition
• NLRB Seminar
• Sports Law
• Worker Compensation Law

*With permission of the Labor Law Concentration Coordinator.

Note: Students must earn at least a 3.0 Average in the required courses, with a minimum grade of C in each course.

Students earning a cumulative average of a B+ (3.3) or better in courses fulfilling Labor & Employment Law Concentration requirements will receive Honors in the Concentration.

Questions with respect to the above Concentration requirements should be sent to Professor Gwyn Leachman at .

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