Initial Assignments

Fall 2014

First Year Courses:

First year students: Please remember, your Schedule number (e.g., 1A or 5B) has nothing to do with the Section number of the courses you are enrolled in.  Students with Schedule 1A, for example, are enrolled in Section 3 of Contracts, Section 1 of Intro to Criminal Law, and Section 3 of Civil Procedure I).

Civil Procedure I, Section 3, Prof. Megan McDermott:  First Assignment.  

Civil Procedure I, Section 5,
Prof. Ion Meyn:  First Assignment.

Civil Procedure I, Section 1, Prof. David Schwartz:  Summer Reading Assignment, and Reader's GuideAssignment for First Day of Class and Related Documents.

Contracts, Section 1, Prof. Lisa Alexander:  First week's assignments.  The supplement referred to in the assignment can be found in the Law School's Digital Print Shop on the 2nd floor.

Contracts, Section 2, Prof. Jason Yackee:  First Assignment and Syllabus.

Legal Research and Writing I, Section 8, Prof. Hadjimarkos:  Read Shapo, chapter 1.  Students also should obtain a copy of the "2014-15 Citation Handbook" from the Law School Copy Shop.

Legal Research and Writing I, Sections 6 and 7, Prof. Trina Tinglum:  Read Shapo, chapter 1, chapter 2, pp. 39-63; and Sloan, Chapter 1.

Legal Research and Writing I, Section 1, Prof. Andrew Turner: First please fill out a quick survey at  Then read Shapo, chapter 1.

Legal Research and Writing I, Section 9, Prof. Ursula Weigold:  Read Shapo, chapter 1.

Legal Research and Writing, Sections 4 and 5, Prof. Margaret Baumgartner:  Read Edwards, chapters 1 and 2, and Sloan, chapter 2.


2L and 3L Courses

Administrative Law, Prof. Miriam Seifter:  First Assignment

Business Organizations II, Prof. Kenneth Davis:  Syllabus and Supplementary Materials

Client Interviewing and Counseling, Prof. Gretchen Viney:  First Assignment

L&CP:  ERISA, Prof. Brian Anderson:  First Assignment

L&CP:  Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice, Prof. Michele LaVigne:  Review these two articles:  The Paradigm Shift in Criminal Justice and Sentinel Events.  

Evidence, Section 001, Prof. Keith FindleyRead pages 1-77 of the textbook (the trial transcript from People v. Johnson).

Evidence, Section 002, Prof. Stephen Hurley:  Syllabus and attachments

L&CP:  Human Trafficking, Prof. Mark Sidel:  For Tuesday, September 3, please read pp. vii-xvii and 1-42 (chapters 1 and 2) in the casebook assigned for the course, Human Trafficking Law and Policy (Carr et al), LexisNexis 2014.

International Trade Law, Prof. Erik Ibele:  Read pages 1-32 in the Guzman/Pauwelyn casebook International Trade Law.

Labor Relations (Labor and Employment Law), Prof. Gwendolyn Leachman:  Read pages 1-28 of the texbook (Crain, Kim and Selmi, Work Law:  Cases and Materials (2nd ed. 2011).

L&CP:  Law of Democracy, Prof. Robert Yablon:  Textbook:  Samuel Issacharoff et al., The Law of Democracy (4th ed. 2012).  For our first class on Tuesday, Sept. 2, please read textbook pp. 1-13 (chapter 1) and pp. 127-31, 132-44 (Colgrove, Baker).  Please also skim pp. 936-38, 1182-87, and 1239-43.

L&CP:  Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations, Prof. Mark Sidel:  For the first class on Monday Sept. 8, please read pp. xi-xvi, the Introduction, and Chapter 1 of the assigned book, Good Counsel:  Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits.

Professional Responsibilities, Section 2, Prof. Timothy Pierce:  Read pages 1-26 in the textbook, as well as ABA Model Rules:  Preamble and Scope, Model Rule 1.0.  Syllabus.

Real Estate Transactions I, Prof. Gretchen Viney:  First Assignment

Secured Transactions, Prof. Adrian Cohen, First Assignment

Securities Regulation, Prof. Kenneth Davis:  Facebook S-1 Feb. 1 Facebook S-1 May 16Facebook Prospectus.   Syllabus and Supplementary Materials.

Selected Problems in Business Orgs:  Advising Private Business Owners, Prof. Michael Gehl:  First Assignment

Selected Problems in Criminal Justice Administration:  Sentencing and Corrections:  Prof. Walter Dickey:  The first class meeting will be on September 11, not September 4.  First assignment

State and Local Taxation, Prof. Robert Fahrenbach:  Syllabus and Week 2 Reading Assignment.

Torts II, Prof. Steven BarkanFirst Assignment

Trial Advocacy, Section 2, Prof. Robert Kasieta:  Please read Chapter 1 of the David Ball book, Damages 3, which is on reserve at the Law School Library.  Students can purchase the book if they choose but it is not required.

Victims in the Criminal Justice System, Prof. Jill Karofsky:   Read Chapter 1 of the casebook Victims in Criminal Procedure (3rd ed. 2010; Beloof, Cassell and Twist, ed., Carolina Academic Press).  Syllabus.

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