Activities & Scholarship

Brad Snyder presented a chapter of his book, "The House of Truth," at the University of Virginia Law School's Legal History Workshop in April.

Thomas Mitchell served as the primary drafter of The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act, which was signed into law in Alabama on April 7, 2014, making Alabama the fourth state to enact the law. The act aims to produce fairer outcomes in how land is divided or sold in partition actions involving families who own tenancy-in-common property which is commonly referred to as heirs' property.  

Tonya Brito was invited to present "Using MAXQDA in a Team-Based Research Project" at UW-Madison School of Education’s Qualitative Software Fair & Symposium.

Shubha Ghosh was invited to present “How the United States Supreme Court May Liberalize Global Patent Law” at National Law University Delhi in March.

Why Wisconsin?

Why Wisconsin? Image