Spotlight: Shui Li

We 'Heart' Our Students: Shui Li Shui Li turned her summer internship with a Minneapolis patent litigation firm into fall employment.

Activities and Scholarship

In February, Shubha Ghosh presented his work on the 2013 Actavis decision, which dealt with antitrust review of generic pharmaceutical settlements, at a conference hosted by University of San Francisco Law Review. The article will be published in Rutgers Law Journal later this year.

Lisa Alexander presented her essay, "Gentrification and the Regulation of Urban Artistic Expression," at Law, Urban Space and the Regulation of Artistic Expression, a symposium hosted by the Fordham Urban Law Journal. The symposium, held in New York City in February, was co-sponsored by Fordham Law School, the Fordham Urban Law Center, the Urban Studies Program at Fordham University, and the Fordham Art Law Society.

Steph Tai's article, "Food Systems Law from Farm to Fork and Beyond," appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Seton Hall Law Review.

Shubha Ghosh gave two presentations, "What is an Exceptional Case?: Does It Matter?" and "Demarcating Nature after Myriad," at the Works in Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium, held at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in February.