Spotlight: Aissa Olivarez

We Heart Our Students We love Aissa Olivarez—and when you read our latest profile of this rising 2L, we think you will, too.

Activities and Scholarship

Keith Findley's article (co-authored with Brian L. Cutler and Timothy E. Moore),  "Interrogations and False Confessions: A Psychological Perspective," was published in Canadian Criminal Law Review in July.

Ion Meyn's article, "Discovery and Darkness: The Information Deficit in Criminal Disputes," was published in the Spring 2104 issue of Brooklyn Law Review. The article also received mention on CrimProf Blog and on Sentencing Law and Policy Blog.

Thomas Mitchell participated in a panel presentation titled “Heirs Property, Legal Planning, and Social Justice” in July. The presentation was part of the "First Annual Land Use, Planning and Development Forum," a three-part webinar series presented by the American Bar Association.