Spotlight: Keyon Brown

We 'Heart' Our Students: Keyon Brown Keyon Brown wants to use his law degree — along with his real estate experience — to make a difference.

Activities and Scholarship

Alta Charo gave a keynote presentation, "Physicians and the Body Politic," at the American Medical Association's State Legislative Strategy Conference in January. She spoke on the rise of state laws affecting the doctor-patient relationship, ranging from prohibitions on discussing the risks of firearms in a home with children to mandates requiring discussion of end-of-life options with terminal patients, as well as numerous abortion-related interventions.

In January, John Ohnesorge served as senior faculty in the 2015 Doha, Qatar, workshop of Harvard Law School's Institute for Global Law & Policy. The annual workshop includes faculty and participants from around the world, who focus on issues of international law and policy.

Alta Charo has been appointed to the National Academies committee asked by the Food and Drug Administration to consider the ethical issues related to mitochondrial modification of eggs, the first form of gene therapy to have multigenerational effects and to produce children with DNA from three different people.

Jesse Bair '13 won the 2014 Hughes-Gossett Award from the Journal of Supreme Court History for his article, "'The Silent Man:' From Lochner to Hammer v. Dagenhart, a Reevaluation of Justice William R. Day." Bair wrote the article, which appears in the December issue of the journal, for Brad Snyder's Constitutional History class.