Welcome first-year law students!

We believe that great lawyers are forged through hard work, good training, and supportive mentors and peers. If you want to work with a team who will push you to perform your best, WIP is the place for you. We look for students committed to learning how to handle complex legal problems and the ambition to make a difference for our clients, our criminal justice system and ourselves. We select students based on their demonstrated interest in being part of our team.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work will students take on?

Students start working on their cases almost immediately. They investigate claims of innocence by:

What is the required time commitment for students?

Due to the size and complexity of our cases, WIP spans across two semesters. Students will be required to take at least 5 credits in the Fall and at least 3 credits in the Spring. 

What kind of jobs do WIP alums pursue?

Our students go on to practice corporate law, civil rights, civil litigation, immigration, health care law, and, of course, criminal law. In recent years, our students have obtained jobs and internships at:

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For more information, contact Director Christopher Lau at christopher.lau@wisc.edu

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