Wisconsin Jury Instructions

The Wisconsin Jury Instructions will now be produced by the Office of Judicial Education. UW Law School will no longer be printing or distributing the instructions, supplements, or CDs. In partnership with the Wisconsin State Courts, the Wisconsin Jury instructions are now available free to the public through Wisconsin State Law Library

To learn more information about this transition, view the Wisconsin Court System's jury instructions announcement.


Available Publications

The following publications are available through the CLEW publications online ordering form.

Wisconsin Crimes cover

Wisconsin Crimes: Elements, Definitions, & Penalties*

By David E. Schultz, Professor of Law Emeritus
2018 edition, 359 pages, $45.00

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*Bulk orders of 5 or more books are subject to a discounted price of $35.00 each

Wisconsin Land Use cover

Wisconsin Land Use & Planning Law

By Professor Brian W. Ohm
2022 edition, 405 pages, $45.00

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Hattie's Boy cover

Hattie's Boy

By Professor James E. Jones, Jr.
2006 edition, Hardbound, 864 pages, $30.00

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Trusting Nothing to Providence cover

Trusting Nothing to Providence: A History of Wisconsin's Legal System*

By Joseph Ranney
1999 edition, 778 pages

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*This item is no longer available for purchase. Copies are available for checkout at UW Libraries.

Wisconsin Real Estate Law Publications

The following titles are available to order through the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Wisconsin Real Estate Law

By Debra Peterson Conrad & Jennifer Lindsley

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Real Estate Trust Accounts in Wisconsin: A Broker's Guide to Complying with State Regulations

By Scott C. Minter & Debra Peterson Conrad

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Wisconsin Real Estate Clauses: Contingencies & Other Standard Provisions

By Debra P. Conrad, Cori Lamont, Tracy Rucka, Scott Minter

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