I. Required courses:

II. Two additional courses:

At least one of the two additional courses must be from the following list:

One course of the two additional courses may come from this list:

Additional Requirements

To qualify for the Concentration, a student must receive at least a grade of B in Trusts & Estates I and must have an average grade of at least a 3.0 in the courses used to satisfy the requirements.

A student who achieves a 3.5 average in courses used to fulfill the requirements will receive Honors in the Concentration.  If you believe you qualify for honors in the concentration, you need to submit along with your transcript a calculation of your GPA in the courses fulfilling the concentration, showing that your cumulative GPA in those courses is 3.5 or higher.

*Under some circumstances, substitutions in these requirements can be made. Contact Professor Erlanger.

Questions regarding the above Concentration requirements should be sent to Professor Howard Erlanger at howard.erlanger@wisc.edu.

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