I. Foundational Courses

These courses provide a breadth of exposure to criminal law topics. The concentration requires that students take all three of the following courses, which are also required for the diploma privilege:

II. Advanced Courses

These courses provide for intensive learning experiences about substantive areas of criminal law, the processes of lawyering, and exploration of lawyers professional responsibility to clients. Students must take a minimum of 15 credits in this category distributed among at least two courses, one of which must be experiential, such as clinical courses.

Elective Courses in Law

Elective Courses in Other Departments

(up to 6 credits can be counted toward concentration; most courses required permission of instructor to enroll):

Experiential Learning Requirement

Remington Center Projects

Economic Justice Institute Projects


III. Community Engagement and Service Learning

Although not required to earn the concentration, students are encouraged to enrich their educational experience through community service and policy engagement. Listed below are community organizations that serve those involved in the criminal justice system as victims or offenders, or returning to the community after serving a criminal sentence.

Additional Requirements

GPA Requirement: To obtain the criminal law concentration, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all concentration-eligible classes.

Honors: Students earning a 3.5 cumulative average in courses fulfilling Criminal Law Concentration requirements (foundational and elective courses combined) will receive Honors in the Concentration.  If you believe you qualify for honors in the concentration, you need to submit along with your transcript a calculation of your GPA in the courses fulfilling the concentration, showing that your cumulative GPA in those courses is 3.5 or higher.

Applying for the Concentration Certificate

In the last month of the final semester, any student wishing to obtain a concentration certificate should email the following to Professor Klingele (cecelia.klingele@wisc.edu):

Questions with respect to the above Concentration requirements should be sent to Professor Cecelia Klingele at cecelia.klingele@wisc.edu.

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