Instead of (or in addition to) sending their assignments via email or posting them in Canvas, some instructors post their initial assignments on this website. Please check this site periodically between now and the beginning of the semester to see if any of your instructors have posted a syllabus or an assignment for the first day of class. 

1L Courses

Section Course Instructor Assignment
711-001 Contracts I Hendley Please review pages 1-42 in Contracts: Law in Action, Vol. 1 ("CLA"). We will not be discussing this material in class, but it provides an extremely useful background for the course. On the first day of class, we will be working on the material on pp. 42-47 of CLA. You should be prepared to discuss the problems included. Please note that doing so will require you to work through several sections of the Uniform Commercial Code, which is available in the second book you've been asked to purchase for the course.
711-002 Contracts I Sharafi Initial Assignment for Contracts I
714-001 Civil Procedure I Yablon Read (1) pp. 1-18 of our casebook—Geoffrey Hazard et al., Pleading and Procedure (12th edition 2020), and (2) excerpts from Armstrong v. Manzo.  (Pdfs of these documents have been sent by email and will be posted to the course Canvas page.)
714-002 Civil Procedure I Meyn Initial Assigment for Civil Procedure I
Legal Research & Writing I Wu Initial assignments are on the syllabus on Canvas. Here are direct links to the Section 1 Canvas Site and Section 10 Canvas Site. Also, look for an initial email from Prof. Wu that he sent on August 29 around 4:30 p.m.
Legal Research & Writing I Fox Initial assignments for Prof. Fox’s LRW I classes will be posted on the Canvas course page for each class, which will be published to students at 10:00 am on September 2.
Legal Research & Writing I Strange Professor Strange will post initial assignments for his LRW I classes (Sections 6 and 7) on the class Canvas pages on September 1. Until then, students may begin preparation by reading Chapter 3 in the Coughlin text.
723-011 Legal Research & Writing I Brown The assignment for the first day of class will be posted on the Canvas course page, which will be published to students by 10:00 am on Thursday, September 2. Students should have received an introductory email with additional instructions around noon on August 27.
723-014 Legal Research & Writing I Norman The reading assignment for the first class will be on the Canvas course page, which will be published at 10:00 a.m. on September 2. 
726-001 Intro to Substantive Criminal Law Klingele Initial assignment for Intro to Substantive Law (Klingele)
726-003 Intro to Substantive Criminal Law Gross Initial assignment for Intro to Substantive Criminal Law (Gross)
726-004 Intro to Substantive Criminal Law Didwania Initial assignment for Intro to Substantive Criminal Law (Didwania)

2L & 3L Courses

Section Course Instructor Assignment
725-001 Intro to Criminal Procedure Tobin The initial assignment is posted under "Assignments" in Canvas. Read pages 3-34 of the text (instructor-prepared) available through the Copy Shop or Canvas (see "Files"). Bring to the first class a device capable of logging into Canvas.
730-001 Federal Law & Indian Tribes Monette Read Johnson v M’Intosh (p. 72), Fletcher v. Peck (in class handout), Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (p. 128), and Sovereign Immunity and 11th Amdt (in class handout)
732-001 Real Estate Transactions I Krigbaum Read: (1) Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions: 3.01, 3.02 [A] and [B]; (2) Wis. Stats. §§706.01 – 706.08; and, (3) Forms Lists and WB-11, WB-13 and WB-14*.
736-001 Secured Transactions Cohen Initial assignment for Secured Transactions
740-002 Constitutional Law II Schwartz Initial assignment for Constitutional Law II
Part four intro reading
Jacobson case
Klaasen case
742-001 Taxation I Schnur Read (a) the "Class Procedures and Grading" discussion on pp. i-iii and (b) the Class Discussion Examples on pp. 1-5 of Taxation I: Course Outline, Assignments, and Discussion Examples
744-001 Administrative Law Seifter For our first class meeting, please read casebook pages 4–8 (introduction) and 13–25 (agency structure; history). Please also carefully read our syllabus and fill out the short welcome survey, both of which will be on our Canvas page by the end of the week. 
745-001 Labor & Employment Law Kulwiec Initial assignment for Labor & Employment Law 
753-001 Intro to Intellectual Property Glazer Initial assignment for Intro to Intellectual Property 
Trusts & Estates I Erlanger Professor Erlanger sent out the assignment for the first class, with the readings attached. If you did not receive it, please contact him at
801-001 Evidence for Litigators Schwartz Initial assignment for Evidence for Litigators 
801-002 Evidence McNamara If desired, get started on reading the first two chapters of the textbook, which are assigned for the second class. 
811-001 Accounting for Lawyers Misey Read the first chapter of the textbook. 
820-001 Conflict of Laws Monette Read and prepare to discuss pp. 1-60, including: Alabama Great Southern RR v. Carroll (p. 23) and notes, Milliken v. Pratt (p. 37) and notes, Lynn v. Employers Reinsurance Group (p. 41) and notes, and Alabama Great Southern RR v. Carroll (again, p. 55) and notes.
822-001 Family Law: Marriage & Divorce Brito Initial assignment for Family Law: Marriage & Divorce
828-001 International Business Transactions Ibele Read pp. 1-60 of the Chow/Schoenbaum casebook. Read pp. 1-47 fairly closely; you can skim the remaining pp. Also read, “Why Supply Chains are a Mess,” New York Times, Tuesday, August 24, 2021 ( See the International Business Transactions Syllabus for more information.
850-002 Professional Responsibilities Pierce Initial assignment for Professional Responsibilites
Syllabus for Professional Responsibilities
852-001 Trial Advocacy Koss Read chapters 1-4 of Modern Trial Advocacy. 
940-001 Domestic Violence Young Read the "Dynamics" section of the course reader prior to our first class on September 13th.
940-002 Public Law & Private Power Rogers All readings are on the course Canvas page under Modules. Our first meeting is Monday, September 13, 2021. Your first reading responses are to be uploaded to Canvas under Assignments no later than Friday, September 10, 2021 at 2p CT.  Directions and naming conventions are posted to Canvas under Announcements.
940-002 Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions Schnur Read (a) the Note regarding Class Materials and Procedures on pages i through v and (b) the Class Discussion Examples on pages 1 through 10 of the document for Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions
940-009 LGBTQ+ Law Churchill Read pages 1-24 of Cases and Materials on Sexuality, Gender Identity, and the Law. 
940-011 Race, Racism & the Law Mitchell Review the documentary: Race the Power of Illusion: The Story We Tell—It is the second of three videos.
950-002 Complex Litigation Everts & Leffel Read pp. 1-13 & 163-177 of Marcus, et al., Complex Litigation: Cases & Materials, 7th ed., (“Casebook”). Everts & Leffel's Complex Litigation Syllabus.
988-001 Food Systems Law Tai Initial readings will be on the course Canvas page.

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