Based at UW Law School, the Global Legal Studies Center partners with the International Division of UW-Madison to promote the understanding of international, transnational and comparative legal systems, processes and regimes. GLS supports research in international legal studies, organizes workshops and conferences, expands connections with scholars and institutions in the U.S. and overseas, deepens links with other international programs on campus, and share expertise. 

For the 2022-25 academic years, GLS will concentrates on three distinct but overlapping areas:


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Human Rights Program (HRP) »

HRP seeks to synergize existing resources in a way that creates a unique research platform for a wide range of scholars and students on campus while promoting a significant institutional innovation that will help to strengthen and sustain human rights as an important dimension of our international capabilities.

South Asian Legal Studies Working Group »

The South Asian Legal Studies working group is an informal working group was established to facilitate intellectual exchange between faculty and students at the University, plus coordinate and promote events pertaining to South Asian legal studies.

Laurie Carlson Progressive Ideas Forum »

The Laurie Carlson Progressive Ideas Forum is supported by a fund established to honor Laurie Carlson's lifelong commitment to progressive ideas, laws and policies.

Wisconsin Initiative on Law and Climate Change (WILCC)


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