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About the Consumer Law Clinic

The Consumer Law Clinic (CLC) aims to improve the community in two invaluable ways:

The CLC focuses on debt defense and earnings garnishment protections. 

Information for Students

Consumer Law Clinic students are saying:

"...join the CLC because you will gain real world legal experience while also making a difference in the lives of Wisconsin consumers!"

“The CLC is the best part of my Law School experience. Applying what I’ve learned in the classroom and working with a dynamic and supportive group has been an amazing opportunity for growth. I’ve really enjoyed the chance to learn and grow while giving back to the community.”

“…the CLC experience has been my greatest teacher by far.” “Throughout my 1L year, I began to lose sight of why I wanted to become a lawyer. The CLC reaffirmed my reasons. I work directly with clients. I also affect the ‘big picture’ by standing up for consumers in the legislative process, increasing access to the courts, and raising awareness of consumer rights.”

“The chance to represent my client in court and see justice done cannot be beat!”

Consumer Law Clinic students explore how the legal system creates and sustains economic injustice. Specifically, the students:

The CLC will be offered for the fall and spring semesters, for a total of 6 experiential learning credits. Students must enroll for 3 credits for both semesters. The CLC does not satisfy the Law School Upper-level Writing Requirement.

Director Sarah Orr loves to talk about the CLC with students! Contact her at:

Information for the Public

The Consumer Law Clinic (CLC) offers legal information and services from traiend law students who are supervised by a consumer protection lawyer. The CLC is located in Madison, Wisconsin in Dane County. 

The CLC focuses on these areas of consumer protection:

Individuals seeking services can call 608-263-6283. If you would rather we reach out to you instead, you can fill out the form linked below. 

Important: The CLC does not provide information, assistance, or referrals for bankruptcy.

Additional legal Resources

If your legal problem does not fit into one of the three categories listed in the above section, the Consumer Law Clinic cannot handle your matter.

Please contact the State Bar of Wisconsin at (800) 362-9082, (608) 257-4666, or online at for referrals to other legal services providers.

Other options for legal resources:

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