By Wisconsin Criminal Jury Instructions Committee
Professor David E. Schultz, Reporter

2018, 5-Volume Set, 835 Instructions, $235.00
Compact Disk, $210.00*

Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Criminal contains the suggested uniform jury instructions for use in Wisconsin criminal cases. Most commonly occurring criminal offenses are covered, with the Committee continuing to work to fill in any gaps.

All instructions are followed by comments and footnotes, many of which are helpful research aids. Volume III contains "Special Materials," which offer suggested procedures for handling specific stages of a criminal case, such as accepting a plea of guilty, submitting jury instructions on lesser included offenses, and determining competency to stand trial. The "Special Materials" are also fully footnoted.  Regular supplementation and substantial commentary are two important features of the Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Criminal.  Annual supplements are automatically mailed to purchasers with an invoice.

*Instructions on Compact Disk

Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Criminal is available on compact disk. The CD contains the text of the instructions and suggested special verdicts. The Committee's commentary to each instruction is not available on the CD. Additional information on the CD is also provided.

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