By Wisconsin Civil Jury Instructions Committee
Scott C. Minter, Reporter

2018, 3-Volume Set, 578 Instructions, $210.00
Compact Disk, $210.00

Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Civil contains the suggested uniform jury instructions for use in Wisconsin civil trials. Each jury instruction is followed by Committee comments which provide helpful research assistance. In addition, many instructions contain special verdict questions to assist in the preparation of the verdict.

Since its publication in 1960, the book has been used by Wisconsin practitioners for case preparation. The instructions explain the items which must be proved to prevail and are accompanied by discussions of Wisconsin case law related to each instruction. The commentary serves as a convenient and efficient source for legal research. The comments contain citations and explanations of how the instructions should be used and how an instruction relates to other instructions and any other special features of the instruction. Annual supplements are automatically mailed to purchasers with an invoice.

Instructions on Compact Disk

Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Civil is available on a compact disk. The CD contains the text of the instructions and suggested special verdicts. The Committee's commentary to each instruction is not available on the CD. Additional information on the CD is also provided.

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