Photo: Wisconsin Jury Instructions - ChildrenBy The Wisconsin Juvenile Jury Instructions Committee
Scott C. Minter, Reporter

2018, Softbound, over 80 instructions, $65.00;
Compact Disk (instructions only) - $65.00

Since 1960, the University of Wisconsin Law School has joined with Wisconsin trial judges to develop uniform jury instructions for civil and criminal cases. This partnership has produced nearly a thousand jury instructions to assist judges, lawyers, and, most importantly, jurors in understanding what the jury must decide at the conclusion of a trial. These instructions are published by the Law School in Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Criminal and Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Civil.

Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Children responds to a need for a comprehensive set of instructions to assist juries in performing their role in child in need of protection or services (CHIPS) cases and involuntary termination of parental rights (TPR) cases. As with the uniform civil and criminal jury instructions, Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Children is a joint project of the Judicial Conference and the University of Wisconsin Law School.

This book, published by the University of Wisconsin Law School, is the publication of the committee's work product. In addition to general instructions, the publication contains recommended instructions for CHIPS and TPR grounds, including those grounds most likely to result in a jury trial. Annual supplements are automatically mailed to purchasers with an invoice.

The book is supplemented, depending on future legislative and case law developments.

Instructions on Compact Disk

The instructions published in Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Children are available on a compact disk. The CD contains all approved instructions and does not contain the Committee's commentary explaining the instructions. Additional information on the CD is also provided.

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