March is Women's History Month

Below is a selected list of Internet resources compiled in celebration of Women's History Month, 2015 (here is a link to this year's theme):

Wisconsin Related Sites

Madison Public Library: Books by Wisconsin Women Authors
List of 150 books donated by the Madison Civics Club in August, 2011.

UW Green Bay Libguide: Women's History Month
A guide to resources relating to women's history, including books, articles, media, and primary sources.

UW Women's Studies Librarians Office
Online academic resources related to Women's studies and history.

Wisconsin State Historical Society: Women's History in Wisconsin
"Original documents, pictures, eyewitness accounts and other primary sources available online that reveal the history of Wisconsin women."

Wisconsin Women's Network
News, links, job and volunteer opportunities, and local events related to Women's History Month.

Women's Council Wisconsin
Timeline of Wisconsin women's political firsts, links to programs, facts and figures, and more.

Women's Studies Consortium
Descriptions of women's studies departments and programs throughout the UW System; publications on women's studies by the UW press; information about the annual WSC conference; links to related web sites; and more.

Facts, History and Links

Discovering American Women's History Online

Digital collections of primary sources (letters, diaries, photos, etc.) related
to women's history in the United States.

The Gerritsen Collection
A collection of books and periodicals that cover the evolution of feminism and women's rights from 1543 to 1991. Searchable by keywords and boolean operators.

In Custodia Legis:  Law Librarians of Congress
This LOC blog contains two recent posts related to aspects of women's history in various countries, including this post on Voting Rights and this one on Elected Representatives. Both posts include interesting tables and articles on women's suffrage, political participation, and involvement in the legal profession. See also this earlier post, "Law in the lives of Medieval Women."

The Learning Network: Celebrate Women's History Month
New York Times blog focusing on a variety of learning
topics, including women's history. Includes lesson plans,
historical front pages, selected recent Times articles, and much

Library of Congress: Women's History
An overview of women's history and links to relevant Library of Congress's manuscripts.

NOW (National Organization for Women)
Information about the organization, links to local chapters, and news and blog items related to women's issues. 

National Women's History Project

Information about the NWHP, national programs, news and events related to Women's History Month 2015, links to women's history resource sites, and more. See especially the "Resources" link at the top of the page.

Women's History Month

Links to collections, exhibits, images, audio/visual recordings, and more, all related to women's history. Material is from the Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian, and several other institutions.

Women Working: 1800-1930

From Harvard University Library. Access to digitized historical collection from Harvard's library and museum. Collection includes some 500,000 digitized pages and images including: manuscripts, books and pamphlets, and photographs.

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