FLARE Index to Treaties

The FLARE Index to Treaties is a searchable database of treaty information, sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS). It is focused in particular on multilateral treaties conventions and agreements,  but also contains some information on historically significant bilateral treaties.

Using the FLARE Index, the researcher will be able to identify, the official, popular and alternative titles of the particular treaty; dates and place of conclusion; sources that the treaty has been indexed in; where the text of the treaty can be found in print and on the internet (IALS attempts to include only authoritative links); and more.

 A significant portion of the index's content is drawn from Bowman and Harris' Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status, as well as from a number of other authoritative historical and contemporary sources. 

The index is updated frequently, depending on available resources.

Submitted by Sunil Rao, on October 28, 2011

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