Student Life

Because of an admission process that emphasizes diversity and life-learning achievements as well as outstanding academic success, University of Wisconsin Law School students are an incredibly diverse and accomplished group. 

Out of a student body of approximately 700 students, about 45 percent of the students come from outside Wisconsin.  Forty-three percent of our enrolled students are women; thirty percent are students of color.  There is a special feeling of community in the school and an informal, supportive atmosphere, reflecting a special commitment by faculty and administrators to student learning, morale, and well-being.

There are many opportunities to engage in student activities and organizations.  A wealth of specialized student interest organizations provide outstanding opportunities to explore your interests with your fellow students.

Do you have questions or concerns about entering law school? Our Student Ambassadors would be happy to speak with you. Learn more about our Student Ambassadors Program.

Aaron McKean

Lessons that reach beyond the classroom

I joined Legal Aid for Disaster Relief, a student organization, and traveled with them to New Orleans. We all contributed a week of service at AIDSLaw, an organization serving the HIV/AIDS community of Louisiana. Most clients came for notarized affidavits to apply for medical benefits, but even more importantly, they needed someone to hear their stories. It is easy to get lost in the law, but it is important to remember that we are working with people.

Lola Bovell

Caring community

"The curriculum at UW Law School is very challenging, but the support students receive from administrators, faculty, and even fellow students is unparalleled. People here genuinely care about one another, and it fosters an environment where every person can meet his or her potential."

Brendyn Reinecke

Living in Madison

"UW law students work hard, but they also know how to relax, and put things into perspective. Law school is stressful enough regardless of which school you attend. UW Law students manage that stress by taking full advantage of all that Madison has to offer."

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