April 19, 2012

A Day in the Life of UW Madison and the Law School

Take a look at what life is like at UW Madison and particularly the Law School.

The Law School contributed a number of posts to the #UWRightNow campaign, a collaborative multimedia project coordinated by University Communications to chronicle 24 hours at UW-Madison -- midnight to midnight on Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

You can see them at!/WisconsinLaw You can see posts from the whole campus at

January 5, 2012

UW Madison Libraries Mobile App - Find Hours, Search Catalog, Etc.

The UW Madison Campus Libraries recently released a new mobile website at

Note that if you use a mobile device to go to our main home page URL, it will automatically redirect you to the mobile page.

The mobile site defaults to a listing of current hours for the campus libraries.

To search the catalog, click on the search link at the bottom.

The default is a search of the catalog, but you can also change it to search the library website or library staff (people). See that I've left it at catalog and entered search terms at the top.

After pressing Go, you'll get a list of quick catalog results.

If you select one of these results, it will open the full catalog result in Forward, UW Madison's new beta catalog.

December 9, 2010

Mobile UW iPhone App

The UW Madison has released a free iPhone app called Mobile UW. Keep up to date on campus news, events and sports. Or find your way around campus on foot, car or by Madison Metro bus. Or watch campus video content, along with other handy features.


  • Campus map: Navigate the UW-Madison campus. View all locations of a type, such as libraries, parking (campus and public) and visitor attractions. Or see detailed information about a location, including walking and driving directions from your current location.
  • Campus buses: Find Madison Metro route and schedule information on the go. Find stops near your current location or by bus stop number and see when buses are scheduled to arrive at a specific stop.
  • Directory: Lookup campus directory information on your phone. Search for a person by first or last name and save that person's contact information in your iPhone's Contacts app. Call, e-mail or view a map of that person's office location.
  • News: Keep up to date with university news. Read features, news for students and employees or news by topics such as research, learning or student life.
  • Events: Look up events by category, date or map location. See what's happening near you by viewing the day's events highlighted on the campus map. Get the details for any event, as well as walking or driving directions from your current location.
  • Athletics: Stay up to date with the latest Badgers news and results. View news and blog updates, team schedules and scores and video features.
  • Video: View campus video content, including Big Ten Network academic programming, teaching and learning stories and research profiles and projects.
  • Campus safety: Stay safe with emergency contact information for SAFEWalk, SAFERide cab and SAFEride bus programs; UW Police (Non-Emergency), University Health Services Crisis Line, and the Division of Student Life.

September 29, 2010

Decisions about Obama's Visit to Campus Yesterday

Today's New York Times offers a very interesting look at the political and administrative decisions behind President Obama's visit to the UW Madison campus yesterday, as well as the logistical details.

August 24, 2010

40th Anniversary of the Sterling Hall Bombing - Share your Story

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Sterling Hall bombing on the UW Madison campus.

Have a story to tell about your memories from the student protest movement or the bombing on August 24th, 1970? The Wisconsin Story Project wants to hear from you.

Come to the Story Booth this week in the west corridor of Memorial Library on the UW Madison campus. Hours are Monday August 23rd - Sunday August 29th, 9am-6pm (10am-6pm weekend)

Listen to some memories made available on iTunesU from the Campus Voices program of the UW-Madison Oral History Program.

March 10, 2010

Copies of this year's Bucky Badger READ Poster Available

Each year, the UW Madison Libraries create a campus READ poster. This year's features Bucky Badger on Bascom Hill with the Go Big Read book selection, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan.
Contact for copies. See the library web site for past READ posters. The project was paid for with private support.

May 21, 2009

Legal Information Center Moves to University Square

Update 11/18/2010: Note that Legal Information Center has changed offices in the Student Activity Center. See the updated information below. The URL has also been corrected.

The Legal Information Center (LIC) has moved to a new location in the Student Activity Center at University Square. The LIC offers free legal information and referrals to callers and walk-ins seeking assistance with legal issues.

The center is staffed by UW Law School and undergraduate student volunteers. The LIC does not staff or consult with any attorneys, and therefore cannot provide legal advice.

Their new address is:

The Legal Information Center
Student Activity Center
Office #3111 #1
333 E. Campus Mall
Madison, WI 53715-1380

May 12, 2009

"In Defense of Food" Selected for "Go Big Read" Reading Program

This fall, the university will launch "Go Big Read," a common reading program intended to engage students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members in a shared, academically focused reading experience. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to participate by reading the book, and taking part in classroom discussions and campus events.

"In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto," by Michael Pollan is the book for the inaugural year. From the Go Big Read website:

Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto examines the modern American food landscape where the deceptively simple question of what to eat has been muddled by the numerous and often conflicting claims of food producers, marketers, and nutrition experts

Author Michael Pollan will visit campus Sept. 24-26 for a series of major events for campus and the community.

The UW-Madison Libraries are working with the publisher to secure copies of the book for students at a substantial discount. Arrangements are also being made to assure that the book is available in campus and public libraries, as well as in local bookstores.

February 17, 2009

Lady Liberty Rises Again from Lake Mendota

"In a repeat performance of one of the most popular college pranks ever, this week Lady Liberty once again appeared to rise from Lake Mendota with torch aloft, thanks to the Wisconsin Hoofers, UW-Madison's outdoor recreation club."
From: Ideas & Discoveries (UW-Madison)

February 13, 2009

UW Board of Regents Minutes Digitized

Anyone needing to do research on the University of Wisconsin might be interested in a new collection from the UW Digital Collections Center, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents Collection.

This collection consists of the digitized minutes of the meetings of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents from 1921-1991. The 70-year scope of this collection captures the expansion of the University of Wisconsin from one four-year campus in Madison with 7,344 students to a statewide system of 26 campuses annually serving more than 173,000 students and over one million Wisconsin residents through statewide Extension.

The minutes of the Board's monthly meetings provide a well-rounded sense of life in the University. Through the years, the Regents dealt with a wide variety of campus issues, including budget development, construction of new buildings and infrastructure, approval of new departments and classes, acquisition of new property, oversight of inter-collegiate athletics, and regulation of student conduct and behavior.

See also the University of Wisconsin Collection

January 26, 2009

UW-Madison Remote Access Bookmarklet Prompts Users to Login to Licensed Databases

This one is just for UW-Madison folks:

The UW Madison Libraries have created a remote access bookmarklet. Why should I care, you might ask?

Imagine that you want to access one of the databases to which the UW-Madison Libraries subscribe, such as Hein Online. So you do a Google search for Hein Online and come up with the following url:

If you're on campus, no problem - click it and you'll go right through. But, if you're off campus, you probably won't be able to get in because the url you're using isn't "proxied" - i.e. it doesn't know to ask you for your UW-Madison net id and password.

That's were the remote access bookmarklet comes it. You can still identify yourself as a valid UW-Madison user by clicking on the remote access bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks. (See installation instructions)

This will redirect you to a page where you can login with your NetID and gain access to licensed content. (Learn more about bookmarklets)

Note - there are a number of databases to which the Law Library subscribes that aren't available campus-wide. This bookmarklet will not work for those resources. To access those, use the links from our database list. These urls are proxied for the Law School network. You'll need to enter your Law School network id and password to gain access.

Source: Ebling Library News

October 31, 2008

Haunted Campus: UW Madison Ghost Stories

The Badger Herald has gathered an spooky list of hauntings on campus. Wisconsin Union Theater, Science Hall and Memorial Library are among the supposedly haunted.

Memorial Library is also mentioned by Britannica Blog in their list of haunted libraries. From the list of Midwest libraries:

Madison, University of Wisconsin, Memorial Library. The ghost of English professor and novelist Helen Constance White (1896-1967) has reportedly been seen floating through the library stacks. One Christmas break when the library was closed, a student library assistant doing catch-up work in the reference stacks heard someone whisper "Sally Brown" when no one was around.

Why would Helen C White be haunting Memorial? Would it make more sense for her to be over at College Library (which is in Helen C. White Hall)? And who is this mysterious "Sally Brown"?

The Badger Herald has a bit more:

According to a brief catalog of library ghosts by Katie Buller Kintner, a former shelver at Memorial Library, a mysterious whispering of this name was heard during one of Kintner's shifts at the library over Christmas break. Upon checking the alumni records, Kintner and her colleagues found no such name registered, and it is believed that Brown may have been one of the library's former cataloging assistants whose pictures hang upon the walls.

Being the librarian that I am, I went looking for more on this. I turned up what I assume is Katie Buller Kintner's original column about library ghosts which reveals that the "Sally Brown" library in question is the SLIS Library, not Memorial. And she wondered whether "Sally" might be one of the early 20th century library school students depicted in the photos which adorn the library school.

I also found that there was indeed a "Sally Brown" who attended UW Madison in 1976.

May 29, 2008

Dr. Biddy Martin Picked as Next UW-Madison Chancellor

It was announced yesterday that Dr. Carolyn "Biddy" Martin has been recommended as the next UW-Madison chancellor by the Board of Regents.

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about Dr. Martin on campus and in the press. Here are some highlights:

  • JS Online describes the candidate selection process, outlines some of Dr. Martin's priorities, and offers some background on her experience.
  • Wendt Library Blog has put together a collection of links to Dr. Martin's scholarship and news about her.
  • The Capital Times shares the reaction from state lawmakers and their thoughts on working with her to solve funding problems for the university.

May 2, 2008

UW Madison Introduces Emergency Text Message Service

Members of the campus community can now sign up to receive text messages in the event of an emergency. UW-Madison students, faculty and staff, along with employees of campus affiliates can sign up for WiscAlerts through the My UW Portal.

The new service will be used to send critical safety information from UW-Madison Police. It will be reserved for the highest level of emergency.