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March 29, 2013

WI Act 5 Changes Publication and Effectiveness Process for Acts - Removes Authority of Sec of State

2013 WI Act 5, which modifies the establishment of a publication date for acts, quietly went into effect yesterday.

According to the Wisconsin Legislative Council the act does several things:

  • Removes the authority of the Secretary of State to designate the date of publication
  • Instead, under the Act, the date of publication of an act is the day after the date of enactment unless a different effective date is expressly prescribed
  • The Act requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish each act on its date of publication
  • An act's effective date is the day after its date of publication

March 21, 2013

Ads from Legal Publishers during Wartime

The AALL Spectrum Online has a very interesting article examining advertisements from legal periodicals and bar publications published during the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War.

"Due to the scale and scope of the conflict, every aspect of civilian life was affected. The American legal system, including legal publishing, was greatly transformed by the conflict."

Many very interesting ads are reprinted in the article. I think that my favorite is the one from Shepards pondering "Were the Pilgrims Communists?"

Book Madness Tournament

From the UW Madison Libraries:
Love the NCAA basketball tourney, but wish it was just a little more ... bookish? You're in luck. The UW-Madison Libraries are hosting our first annual Book Madness Tournament.

A brutal selection process resulted in a collection of 64 books - 8 divisions with 8 books each - going head-to-head to determine our favorite book.

Vote for your favorites in each round. Total votes will determine which books move on.

The eight divisions are:
Contemporary Literature

March 20, 2013

Film About Public Defenders at WI Film Festival

The Wisconsin Film Festival will be showing Gideon's Army, a documentary about the daily work lives of three present day public defenders, at the Marquee Theater in Union South on Thursday April 11 at 9:00p. Tickets are on sale now, $8.00 for the general public or $5.00 with a student ID.

Hat tip to my colleague, Lisa Pfaff.

March 14, 2013

Paper is not Dead!

From the Law Library Directors email list, I hope you enjoy this short video demonstrating that Paper is not Dead! It certainly made me laugh.

March 13, 2013

Top Ten Things Law Librarians Wish Law Students Would Know or Do

In preparation for a session that I'm doing for some of our Legal Research and Writing students next week, I pulled together a list of Top Ten Things Law Librarians Wish Law Students Would Know or Do.

The list was first created by Betty Karweick for our Legal Research and Writing program years ago. I've updated the list for 2013 using suggestions from members of the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin.