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January 17, 2012

Can't Print Because of Too Many Ads & Navigation Bars? Try CleanPrint

Want a clean printout without all the extra ads, navigation bars, and headers? There is a free tool called CleanPrint that can help.

You install it on your browser and it strips all of the extra stuff and just lets you print the main content of the page. CleanPrint is compatible with IE8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 2+, Safari 4+, and iPad.

To install it on your browser, follow these simple installation instructions.

January 5, 2012

UW Madison Libraries Mobile App - Find Hours, Search Catalog, Etc.

The UW Madison Campus Libraries recently released a new mobile website at m.library.wisc.edu/s.

Note that if you use a mobile device to go to our main home page URL, it will automatically redirect you to the mobile page.

The mobile site defaults to a listing of current hours for the campus libraries.

To search the catalog, click on the search link at the bottom.

The default is a search of the catalog, but you can also change it to search the library website or library staff (people). See that I've left it at catalog and entered search terms at the top.

After pressing Go, you'll get a list of quick catalog results.

If you select one of these results, it will open the full catalog result in Forward, UW Madison's new beta catalog.

Some Law Firms Encouraging/Requiring Law Students to Violate Westlaw & Lexis Agreements

From the Legal Skills Prof Blog:

The Utah Legal Ethics Advisory Committee considered whether an attorney who encouraged a student to breach her agreement by doing firm-related research had committed an ethical violation. The Committee answered in the affirmative finding that an attorney's misuse of a student's educational Wexis access is theft of services, a potential felony.

Interestingly, the opinion notes that students are increasingly under pressure by employers to use their free Wexis access for firm matters. Indeed, the opinion notes that "numerous" students have reported that their "initial or continued employment" has been conditioned upon a willingness to violate their user agreements with Wexis.

Wow, this is really troubling - especially the part about conditioning employment upon willingness to violate a user agreement.

But it provides a good opportunity to remind WisBlawg readers that there are ways to legitimately access legal information at no or low cost. See our Wisconsin Legal Information Sources Guide for tips on what information is available and how to access it.

For example, did you know that the UW Law Library, Wisconsin State Law Library, and Milwaukee & Dane County Legal Resource Centers all offer free walk-in access to numerous legal databases, including Westlaw? Attorneys can even access some databases remotely with a Wisconsin State Law Library card.