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Federal Courts Increase PACER Fees by 25%

"The federal courts announced on Tuesday that they would be increasing fees for accessing public court records by 25 percent, from 8 per page to 10 per page," reports Ars Technica.

The article goes on to discuss how the extra revenue will be used - note that it's not to maintain PACER which already generates revenues in excess of expenses.

According to the author,

... diverting PACER fees to projects unrelated to PACER may be illegal. Harlan Yu, an open government expert at Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, points to the 2002 law authorizing the PACER fees, which states that those fees may be charged "only to the extent necessary" to cover the costs of providing public access. Congress "sought to have a system in which the information is 'freely available to the greatest extent possible,'" he told Ars, quoting from the conference report that accompanied the legislation.