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WisBlawg Available on Kindle

I learned yesterday that WisBlawg subscriptions are available for the Kindle.
To view blogs on the Kindle, apparently you have to pay for the convenience. WisBlawg is listed at $1.99 / month. Personally, I'd rather get my blogs for free on the web - with as many as I subscribe to, I'd go broke if I had to pay $1.99 per month for each. But, hey, if someone wants to pay for the convenience of accessing WisBlawg on their Kindle, more power to 'em.


How did it get on there? Did they ask or did you request to have it listed? Could you have them remove it if you wished? Alternatively, could you ask them to bump the price and get some profit out of it?

After a bit of digging I found out that it is there because of WisBlawg's syndication through Newstex which I agreed to a while back.

Assuming that there are any royalties, I believe I'd get a cut. Maybe it will even be enough to buy a treat for the staff - how many ways can you split a donut?

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