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Barron's Law Dictionary for iPhone Reviewed

iPhone J.D. describes the new Barron's Law Dictionary app as fitting "neatly" between the other two legal dictionaries available for the iPhone: Black's Law Dictionary ($50) and Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary (free).

Like the Nolo dictionary, the Barron's dictionary contains over 3,000 terms. Like Black's, the Barron's dictionary has more sophisticated definitions, although in my random check they seem to use less legalese than Black's. And the price of $14.99 fits between the other two dictionaries. For more, see the full review.


Couldn't agree with you more. I'm stoked for the iPad news though!


I've been trying to convince my father-in-law, an attorney, that having a smart phone or iphone would help him in his business. Maybe this will convince him he should join the rest of us professionals with the latest and greatest technology!

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