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Tools for Scheduling Meetings

Bev Butula's recent column in InsideTrack introduces a couple of tools for scheduling meetings:

Coordinating schedules when working with a group of individuals can be a time-consuming process. It often entails several email exchanges or numerous telephone calls. Many experience the problem arranging times to meet with co-counsel, committee members or social groups. There are several online programs designed to help facilitate the process. This article discusses two of them [Doodle and Meeting Wizard].


In a similar blogpost[1], Bill Pray of Burton Group mentioned Tungle and TimeBridge. I was very impressed by both of them. I hope Google integrates one of these three systems (Doodle, Tungle or TimeBridge) into their Google Apps offering.

1. http://ccsblog.burtongroup.com/collaboration_and_content/2009/05/time-is-money.html

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