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Ten Years and a New Adventure

This week marks my tenth anniversary at the University of Wisconsin Law Library. I feel fortunate to have received the opportunity to work at a great institution, doing a job that I enjoy with a wonderful group of colleagues. Not many people can say that they truly love their job, but I am one of them.

And now on to the next great adventure... law school. In just two weeks, I'll be starting as a 1L here at the UW Law School. I'll be a part time student and continue my position in the library. It will be interesting, and eye-opening I'm sure, to experience things from the student perspective. I'm very much looking forward to it.


Happy Anniversary and good luck with law school!

Congratulations, Bonnie, and enjoy the "free time" before school begins.

Congratulations. Make sure to keep up with the blog though - we need a good law blog in Madison!

Thanks everyone!

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