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Legal Information Center Moves to University Square

Update 11/18/2010: Note that Legal Information Center has changed offices in the Student Activity Center. See the updated information below. The URL has also been corrected.

The Legal Information Center (LIC) has moved to a new location in the Student Activity Center at University Square. The LIC offers free legal information and referrals to callers and walk-ins seeking assistance with legal issues.

The center is staffed by UW Law School and undergraduate student volunteers. The LIC does not staff or consult with any attorneys, and therefore cannot provide legal advice.

Their new address is:

The Legal Information Center
Student Activity Center
Office #3111 #1
333 E. Campus Mall
Madison, WI 53715-1380


Happy 5th Anniversary! Hard to believe it's been that long -- it's still so fresh --

Good luck on the next 5 years

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