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100 Law Related Twitter Feeds

Online Best Colleges has compiled a list of the Top 100 Twitter Feeds for Law Students. It is an interesting list of feeds from various legal folks and organizations, including law students, firms, attorneys, academics, law librarians, and more.

Whether these are, in truth, the "top" law related Twitter feeds is hard to say, but it is a useful list for those are interested in listening in on or engaging in conversation with other law-minded people. Despite being billed as '"for law students," this list could have a much wider audience.


Twitter is an incredible tool that new lawyers should learn about. Arguably it is more powerful than email because you are reaching people directly because they follow you and therefore choose to listen to your message.

It is very different from email which, as we all know, gets tied up in spam filters and just generally ignored because there is so much of it.

Learn Twitter. It will probably pay off for you.

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