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Download Audio Books from Your Public Library - Now to Your iPod

Courtesy of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, library patrons can download digital audio books to their mp3 players or burn the files to an audio CD. And just recently announced, the books are now available for iPods and iPhones. Previously, the system only worked with Microsoft-based mp3 players.

This example shows the variety of formats now available:
The audio books are available via the Overdrive Media Console. To download to your iPod or iPhone, you must have OverDrive Media Console v3.0 (or newer) for Windows or OverDrive Media Console v1.0 (or newer) for Mac installed on your computer.

A library card and PIN number are needed to "check-out" audio books. Some music and video recordings are also available.

For instructions on how to download and play materials, see:

Source: Check It Out from the Madison Public Library


I wonder where those digital audiobook files come from. Is it strictly an online transaction that the library makes (and pays for) with Overdrive to make a "copy" of an audiobook available? Hm.

If the MP3 files can come from other places and be uploaded to the same pool of available audiobooks then an outside audio digitization service like Reclaim Media (of which I'm an employee) could really help connect some dots here.

An audiobook on cassette can often be digitized to MP3 for less money than it costs to buy the audiobook a second time in native-digital form.

So long as the cassettes are taken out of circulation it's perfectly legal.

So think about that as a cheap way to seed your library's digital audiobook collection.

(FWIW, here's the URL of our website. You can learn more there: http://www.reclaimmedia.com/ )

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