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CiteGenie Creates Bluebook Citations from Westlaw

CiteGenie is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that, as its website promises, "automagically" creates Bluebook formatted pinpoint citations when copying from Westlaw.

Wow - this is really impressive. If you're a Westlaw user, this could save you a lot of time when writing papers or briefs. I've created a quick video of me using CiteGenie. As you can see, it's very easy to use. One thing to note, however, CiteGenie does not work if you have the Jureeka add-on installed.

A review of CiteGenie appears in LLRX.com. Author, Marc Hershovitz explains how it works and shares his test results for various citation types.


The newest beta version of CiteGenie ( promises support for LexisNexis. And both that beta and the current stable version ( promise compatibility with Jureeka. In my first few uses of the beta, it works well with Lexis and Westlaw, in my Firefox browser with Jureeka. It also works (though not with pinpoint cites yet) for statutes and some other sources on Lexis and Westlaw, and for web pages.

I agree with your comment: CiteGenie is really impressive. The only drawback I see is that one must pay for a license after a 90-day trial. But if it's as useful as it seems, and if the cost remains modest (currently $14.97 for 3 computers plus $4.99 for each additional computer), this could be a very worthwhile price for a law library or law firm to pay.

Thanks for the info, Scott. I hadn't seen the news about Lexis or that there was a license fee. That isn't made at all clear initially. But, as you say, it's still pretty good value for the money.

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