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Odd Wisconsin Exhibit Opens at WI Historical Museum Next Week

First it was a website, then a book, and now it's a full-blown exhibit. "Odd Wisconsin" opens at the Wisconsin Historical Museum on October 3rd.

From the website:

WARNING! Objects Are More Intriguing Than They First Appear!
How did a rock, a plastic pink flamingo, and a few strips of aluminum make history? Why did a family collect skunk oil in a jar? How did a Wisconsin Congressman come to possess a 7-foot-long bowie knife? From sťances and college pranks to assassinations and the fight for civil rights, Odd Wisconsin features scores of curious and authentic artifacts, documents, and images which may surprise, perplex, and astonish you. Odd Wisconsin... satisfy your curiosity.

Channel 3000 also reports that the exhibit will feature the poster announcing the auction of serial killer Ed Gein's items, Orson Welles' 156-page typed script for "Citizen Kane" and an original speech Abraham Lincoln gave in Milwaukee.