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ABA Survey Show Attorneys Prefer Low-Tech, Free Services

The ABA Journal reports some interesting findings from the latest annual Legal Technology Survey Report. In general, the survey indicates that lawyers are slow to adopt cutting-edge technology.

For all the hype--at conferences, on the Internet, and in this publication and others--about how Web 2.0 technologies are changing the way lawyers practice, the bulk of the profession is only now on the verge of beginning to use those tools in their daily professional lives...

If the history of technology in the legal profession is any guide, most lawyers will eventually understand the utility of today's latest technology as well as any of today's college students do. And they'll come to that understanding about the same time as those college students make partner.

The survey... shows that websites and e-mail newsletters are still the digital way that most at­torneys stay current with the news. A small minority reports reading blogs; but actually creating a blog is something the geeky lawyer down the hall--or, more likely, across town--is into.

Also interesting is that according to the attorneys surveyed, free online legal research services are being used more often than fee-based services. This reverses the finding from five years ago.