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Public Library of Law Gathers Free State & Federal Law - Cases, Statutes, Regs, Etc.

Wow - more big news today stemming from the availability of free federal case law. Fastcase has developed a new resource called The Public Library of Law which brings together a wide variety of free legal resources, including:

State Law for All 50 States:
Supreme and Appellate Court cases from 1997 to the present
Statutes from all 50 states
Constitutions from all 50 states
Court Rules from all 50 states
Regulations and Administrative Codes from selected states

Federal Law:
All U.S. Supreme Court Cases
All Federal Circuit Courts from 1950 to the present
The United States Code
US Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Court Rules

Free registration is required to view materials. PLoL also includes free links to paid content on Fastcase. See the PLoL user guide for more information.

Thanks to Tim Stanley of Justia for the heads up.