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Wisconsin Sentencing Commission to be Eliminated

I ran across this announcement today on the Wisconsin Sentencing Commission Web site:

The Wisconsin Sentencing Commission and its statutory provisions under 973.30 were eliminated in the State's 2007-09 Biennium Budget. Neither the Commission nor any other agency will continue to collect and analyze sentencing guidelines worksheets. Sentencing courts are still required to consider the guidelines under 973.017 (2)(a), yet will not need to complete or submit guidelines worksheets.

The website and its contents will remain in their current location until February 29, 2008, at which point the site will be archived and its relevant content moved elsewhere on the web. A notification will be posted on this site to redirect visitors to the new location of these publications.

If you need to speak to someone regarding the Sentencing Commission, please contact Kristi Waits at the Office of Justice Assistance at (608) 261-7525 or kristi.waits@wisconsin.gov.


As of March 4th, the WSC Web site indicates that content will be moved as of April 30, 2008.

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