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Plugoo Now Supports Multiple Chats

Since January, we've had a chat box on our home page. Law School and other UW-Madison students, faculty & staff can use it to ask legal research questions of our reference librarians.

The chat box is courtesy of a service called Plugoo. The questions asked through the chat box are routed to our regular IM accounts which we monitor through Trillian. [To learn how to establish a virtual reference service with IM and chat, see my article IM a Librarian: Establishing a Virtual Reference Service with Little Cost or Technical Skill.]

For some reason, today our chat call volume has gone through the roof. Several times we had multiple simultaneous Plugoo chats. Wait a minute--Plugoo can handle multiple simultaneous chats??? That's awesome!

I checked out the Plugoo FAQ and it still indicates that "At the moment, Plugoo offers you to chat with one single visitor." But, thankfully, blogger Terrance Chang gives the run-down on how Plugoo multichat works - complete with screen shots.


Until yesterday I was using MeeboMe on an internal clinic website. I switched to Plugoo, and so far I couldn't be happier. With Meebo I HATED having to log in to their website and constantly monitor the page. Now all IMs come directly to my AIM account -- or get forwarded to my cell phone when I'm not online! (Not always a good thing, but very cool nonetheless.) Thanks for the tip, Bonnie.

You're welcome, Tom. Having to log in separately was also my biggest problem with MeeboMe- yet one more browser window to have open and another thing to remember to open. We've added Plugoo to our startup so that it automatically loads when we log in.

But it always troubled me that Plugoo could only handle one chat at a time - but not anymore!

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