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The View from Mars

Last night as we were snuggling up in our favorite rocking chair, my three-year-old daughter invited me along on her rocket ship. "Where are we going?" I asked. "To the moon?" "No," she said, "to Mars. It's a planet." Surprised that she knew this, I continued, "And what will be see when we get there?" expecting some fanciful response. Instead, she replied simply, "The Earth... and the moon."

Woah, when did she get so big? I find myself asking that a lot these days.


My scale is not as large or well-developed as your daughter's. I moved from Wisconsin in 1965, ended up in California, and looked back, briefly, last year, to donate a copy of my book on legal crime to the U Law Library.

To illustrate how much further advanced is your daughter than me, unlike her, recognizing the moon in-between, I never stopped to consider a like situation for the state of Wyoming.

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