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Track Web Site Changes

From WSLL @ Your Service: Keep Track of Competitors and Clients

Looking for a free and easy competitive intelligence tool? Trackengine.com is a free service that can be used to track changes made to websites. After signing up for a free account, users can add a "Track Me" button to their web browser. While viewing a page you wish to monitor, click the "Track Me" button to invoke your Trackengine.com account. If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your PC, you may need to temporarily disable it.

You then have the opportunity to customize your tracking, using either "simple" or "expert" tracking parameters. When changes are made to the webpage, Trackengine.com will send you an email alert containing your choice of a summary of the change, or a reproduction of the webpage with the new content highlighted. This is an easy way to monitor competitors or keep up to date on clients.

Trackengine.com also provides tutorials on competitive intelligence research and tips and tricks for using the service. For more robust tracking, Trackengine.com offers a fee-based subscription service.

Similar services include WatchThatPage. and WebSite-Watcher. The latter, available for a fee, is more robust.


Thanks - signed up!

TheWebWatcher (http://www.thewebwatcher.com) is another free tracking tool with many features, detailed logs and small monitoring intervals.

I guess a more flexible way of tracking web site changes would be to use RSS web feeds. If a web site doesn't support RSS then one can use Feedity ( www.feedity.com ) - a simple tool to create custom RSS feeds for free! Chao :)

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