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Blogger Outages - Telling It Like It Is

Legal blogging expert, Kevin O'Keefe had this to say about the recent Blogger outages:

I'd hate to be the law firm marketing professional telling the managing partner in a 500 lawyer firm with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that 'our 5 blog sites have been down for the day - but we got them for free.' Looks great to clients paying the firm $350 to $500 an hour.

Kevin certainly does tell it like it is - and quite often he's right. If you are running a professional blog, there are better hosting options than Blogger, even your organization isn't bringing in hundreds of millions in revenues.


Great share with that grid Bonnie. I need to go back and share that with my audience - even if it does not include LexBlog's platform. ;)

Have a great weekend, hopefully cheerig the Badgers on. We're on a great roll - maybe 10 and 1.

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