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Sample Corporate Contracts on Findlaw

Looking for samples of software license agreement or an employment contract? Check out Findlaw's Corporate Counsel Center's Business Contracts. This is a gold mine of contracts and sample contract language. And since it's on Findlaw, it's all free.

Hidden in the Research Tools section at the bottom is a link to Contracts. You can browse by industry or by type of contract. There is also a search box on the right that you can use to search by party name, etc. Just make sure that you select the "Corp Counsel" pull down above the search box.

I ran a sample search for "Amazon" and pulled up bylaws, an investor rights agreement, a credit agreement, bonus letters, an indenture, and much more - all on the first page of search results.

Wow - I had no idea this existed. Thanks to my colleague Bev Butula for enlightening me.