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Skype v. Gizmo

Bob Ambrogi has a nice summary of the difference between Gizmo and Skype, two VoIP services. (What's VoIP?)

I've used Skype but haven't tried Gizmo. The call recording feature is intriguing, however.


I was curious as to which service was best, so I did a simple test. I called the same two people (US/NC to norway and US/CA to the UK) using GizmoOut first and then immediately used SkypeOut. I asked the two people which sounded better. Skype was the winner on call quality, hands down.

I've been following Gizmo from its initial release and would like to see it's market share go up, but there seem to be issues... Some months ago the GizmoOut call to some locations in India simply did not go through while they went through on SkypeOut. So there is obviously some improvement on the Gizmo side.

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