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"Facing Life: The Retrial of Evan Zimmerman" Premiers Monday on A&E

"Facing Life: The Retrial of Evan Zimmerman," a new true-crime documentary involving the University of Wisconsin Innocence Project will be broadcast on the A&E cable television network on Monday, June 5 from 8-10 p.m. central time.

From the Innocence Project press release:

"Facing Life" documents Zimmerman's decision to face the possibility of life in prison rather than accept an offer of freedom that would falsely brand him as a murderer.

When Zimmerman's former girlfriend, Kathy Thompson, was strangled on her wedding night in February 2000, her husband had a perfect alibi - one that made Evan Zimmerman the perfect suspect. Although Zimmerman proclaimed his innocence and police had no physical evidence against him, Zimmerman was investigated, arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for life.

Three years later - with help from law students and professors at the University of Wisconsin Innocence Project - Zimmerman won a new trial on appeal, and with it a second chance to clear his name. But before the retrial, the prosecution offered him a deal - plead guilty to a lesser charge and go free.


I was greatly moved by the show i watched on Evan Zimmerman and I wanted him to know that there are people who wish him well and want to tell him to hang in there and keep on keepin on. Hopefully things will get better for him. My heart aches for the pain and trouble that the police and proscutors office has caused this man.I relly hope that he can recover from all of this and use it to help others who find themselves in the same situation. Best wishes to everyone that was involved with this case.

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