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BlogShares, a Fantasy Stock Market for Blogs

Anyone playing BlogShares, the fantasy stock market for blogs? I haven't dived in yet, but it looks like fun. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links.

I've been following WisBlawg's BlogShares profile for the last few months. It's now supposedly worth $18,062.72. Ah, if only it were real!

Besides just being fun, BlogShares could be a useful tool for evaluating blog content. And its industry listings are also a useful index of legal blogs. Some industries of note include:

  • Law Practice - Blogs in this category discuss any of the numerous fields in the legal profession, or may discuss legal practice in general.
  • Law Libraries - Blogs in this category are maintained by law libraries or offer content focused on law libraries.
  • Legal Study/Research - Blogs in this category discuss legal studies, whether general or specialized, and may be independent studies, in connection to cases or practices, or may be due to attending law school.