Spotlight: Jared Prado

For five semesters, Jared Prado was a full-time cop, part-time law student.

Activities and Scholarship

Shubha Ghosh's article, "Fee Shifting as Patent Policy Lever: How to Ensure Sufficient Torque," was posted on the blog Patently-O in May. It includes preliminary findings from his ongoing research as the inaugural AAAS Law, Science and Policy Fellow at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, D.C.

Alexandra Huneeus gave a paper presentation titled "International Courts in Concert: Colombia's War, the ICC and the Inter-American Court" as part of the faculty workshop series of Berkeley Law School and of UC Irvine Law School in April.

Bonnie Shucha's article, "Engaging the Third Sovereign: The Nature, Reach, and Sources of Tribal Law," was published in the May 2015 issue of Wisconsin Lawyer.

In May, Gretchen Viney presented an overview of "trends and concerns" in adult guardian ad litem practice, and then conducted the "beginner track" of the adult guardian ad litem training. The track covered handling an initial case from start to finish, navigating a temporary guardianship, and conducting an annual review. Viney's presentation was part of the 2015 Adult Guardian ad Litem Training, sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin.