Spotlight: Jared Prado

For five semesters, Jared Prado was a full-time cop, part-time law student.

Activities and Scholarship

Shubha Ghosh spoke at the Patent Litigation After the America Invents Act symposium at Columbus School of Law at Catholic University. He presented his current research on legislative reforms to move to a regime of automatic attorney fees shifting in patent cases.

Shubha Ghosh was a panelist at the CLE Program of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice at Howard Law School. 

Thomas Mitchell was a panelist at "Kelo: A Decade Later," a conference examining the aftermath of the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another for economic development purposes. The conference was held at the University of Connecticut School of Law in March. Mitchell's panel discussed "Eminent Domain and Disadvantaged Communities."

Linda Greene has been appointed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to serve on the National Advisory Council on Minority Health and Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health.