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Activities and Scholarship

Stacy Taeuber presented "Immigration Consequences of Crime: The (Unfulfilled) Promise of Padilla in Wisconsin" at the Wisconsin Law Review Symposium, held at UW Law School in October.

Steven Wright's article, "Midterms: The Voter ID Mess," appeared in an October edition of The New York Review of Books.

Thomas Mitchell's article, "Growing Inequality and Racial Economic Gaps," has been identified as one of the best works of recent scholarship relating to equality, in a review by Toni Williams of Kent Law School in the United Kingdom. Her review was published in Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) in October.

Peter Carstensen gave a talk, "The Antitrust Year in Review," at the October Antitrust Litigation Training Seminar hosted by the National Association of Attorneys General in Madison.